Chers Amis,
I am enclosing two documents on the question of the Dabrowski Brigade:
1) An Appeal by the children of the 'Dabrowski" brigade veterans -- written by Barbara Torunczyk, dated 17 April 2007, with  the list of signatures as of today (23 April).
2) A shorter version of the same written by me.
I report the signatures with just the basic information, but in the Polish original they tell the stories of the Polish veterans' after Spain -- freedom fights, prisons, concentration camps, emigration again after 1968. These very interesting details may be too long for an appeal.
Please, feel free to post them on your website, and circulate them wherever and to whomever you deem appropriate, people, papers and organizations. It is such a shame!!!!
Thank you for your solidarity,
Marta Petrusewicz
Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin
Institute for Advanced Study
Wallotstrasse 19 14193 Berlin
+4930 89001-222     Fax: -300

Polish original written by Barbara Torunczyk :

shorter version of the same written by Marta Petrusewicz

Voir la version française en ligne dans le menu : Appel d'Antigone